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    When is the right time to buy health insurance?

    When is the right time to buy health insurance?
    There is an old adage that says “the best time to do it was yesterday, the second-best time is now”.
    This should also be applied to buying health insurance.
    As an expat, living in Thailand can be a wonderful experience, but as with anywhere, it is not without its risks, particularly with regards to safety and health.
    In Thailand, traffic accidents, foodborne illnesses and infectious diseases are common, so having comprehensive health insurance is essential. In some instances, health insurance is mandatory.
    And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is how important it is that we are able to get access to the best medical care possible at the times when we need it the most.

    Since 2021, anyone visiting Thailand is required to have travel or medical insurance that provides a minimum coverage of $100,000.
    For expats already living in Thailand, having health insurance gives you significant peace of mind.
    Thailand’s healthcare system is recognised globally as being of high quality.
    This is especially true in major tourist areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai, where foreigners are likely to have access to excellent facilities and English speaking staff.
    However, in more rural areas health services can be limited.
    Regardless, for the uninsured, even routine treatments can result in hefty medical bills.
    By having health insurance, you protect yourself against unplanned - and often large - health related expenses.

    No one ever plans to get sick or have an accident and ensuring that you have adequate health insurance can save you from an unexpected financial burden.
    If you do get sick or need medical treatment, health insurance will give you access to a level of private health care in Thailand that is likely to exceed what is available even in your home country.
    The right time to buy health insurance is always now.
    Contact Aetna today to find the best plan for your specific needs and budget as an expat living in Thailand.