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    Things to consider when choosing a health insurance plan

    Things to consider when choosing a health insurance plan
    Choosing a health insurance plan can be a little like deciding on your next car.
    Each model offers something slightly different, but what features and specifications are best for you?
    Likewise, when choosing what kind of health insurance is best for you and your family, it is important to ascertain your needs before deciding on which plan will be most suitable.
    Some plans can provide cover for major medical costs, but not the more routine things such as a check up with your doctor.
    These kinds of plans are often less expensive than the more comprehensive plans, which can offer cover for every eventuality, from serious medical emergencies and surgery to routine visits.
    They can even offer flu shots, vaccinations and value added extras such as discounted gym memberships or online consultations.

    Assess your needs
    The first thing to consider when choosing health insurance is your own personal health and the health of any dependents that may also be included on your plan.
    If you are young or in good health, your insurance needs are likely to differ from someone who is older or may have an underlying health condition or take daily medication.
    How much will you have to pay for medical care?
    Make sure you understand exactly how much you will be paying for your premium.
    How much is the coinsurance, copay or deductible?
    Some plans may charge you more for your premium but then offer lower deductibles. Others that charge a lower premium may mean you have to pay extra when you visit the doctor.
    People normally make their decision based on predictability and affordability.
    Whatever you decide it is important you know how much you are going to pay for the level of coverage you choose.
    Check which providers are in network
    Love your current doctor? Then it is important to know if your local hospital or doctors are covered by the plan you choose.
    Make sure you get information on doctors and hospitals that are covered in your plan.
    If you happen to have a condition that needs specialist care, make sure there is a specialist included in the insurance provider’s network.

    Find out what benefits are included in your plan. Does the plan cover things like vision care or dental work or therapy?
    Does the insurance provider offer any useful tools at no extra cost that can help to save you time and money.
    These could include the likes of websites or mobile apps that can provide information to help support your health.
    Is there a 24/7 customer service team or an information phone line or chat function that can answer your medical questions.