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    Why expats in Thailand should have health insurance

    Why expats in Thailand should have health insurance
    For the most part, living in Thailand can be a wonderful experience for an expatriate.
    However, it can also come with challenges.
    Experiencing a new or different culture, a new way of life or simply trying to adapt to things and situations you are not familiar with can sometimes be stressful.
    And what if you were to become ill or involved in an accident, what level of healthcare would you expect to receive at a hospital in Thailand?
    Even though the public healthcare system in Thailand is generally of a reasonable standard, the level of care you take for granted at a hospital in your home country may be hard to find or even non existent in Thailand.
    If you are an expat working in Thailand then you are eligible for public health coverage.
    In fact, while working in Thailand you, along with your employer, are required to make social security contributions.
    However, despite being covered under Thailand’s state health insurance, some expats find that the coverage isn’t comprehensive enough and for this reason private health care is the preferred choice.

     There are other aspects worth considering, particularly in the case of an emergency.
    Public ambulances, which are often manned by volunteers, aren’t always able to provide fast response times and there can also be language barriers. Health insurance could give you access to private ambulance services that can cater for English speakers.
    Regardless of whether you are treated in a public or private hospital in Thailand, you may experience significant medical bills for something which you consider fairly routine such as a minor treatment or even just a consultation.
    You never know when you may get sick and illnesses and accidents could happen at any time which could seriously affect your expenses and savings.
    To be safe, you should make sure you have quality health insurance that covers your expenses, allows you to be treated where you choose and provides you with the best possible level of care.
    Aetna offers a variety of individual and family health insurance plans to suit different needs.
    From comprehensive health cover up to THB 30 million per disability to simple health cover with 'as charged' hospitalisation coverage of up to THB 750k per year, and everything in between. For more information contact us now.

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