Top reasons why YOU need appropriate medical insurance while living in Thailand

    Top reasons why YOU need appropriate medical insurance while living in Thailand

    Many expats are confused by what health insurance they should have while living abroad.

    Firstly it should be noted that many countries’ healthcare systems will not cover you for accidents and illness suffered abroad.

    Or that cover will be terminated once you move out of your home country on more than a holiday basis.

    It is also important first of all to recognise the difference between international medical plans and travel insurance - making wrong choices in this regard can have dire consequences.

    International health insurance is for people planning to live abroad for an extended period like for expats and retirees.

    The coverage offered is comprehensive for emergencies, non-emergencies and chronic care.

    Travel insurance is just for short trips and holidays while maintaining your coverage back home in your country of origin.

    Here are some top reasons why you should consider buying international health insurance while living abroad:

    Firstly, as stated above, your home coverage most likely will not cover you abroad.

    Even if a country - like Thailand - has schemes for expats to avail themselves of health care - you may need a specific kind of permit to be eligible. Most people will not be eligible so an international plan is vital.

    Local plans will most probably not be sufficient to cover you. In addition if you move onto another country it won’t cover you for that. A plan to cover every eventuality and every country is needed.

    Many countries require expats to have medical coverage to qualify for visas. This has shown itself to be oh so true in the pandemic.

    Many international plans include translation services in their deals. This can be very important in Thailand where you will not want to have to negotiate the tricky local language especially if you are sick.

    That could only add to your woes.

    While living abroad can be a wonderful and uplifting experience there can also be stressful moments that take a toll on mental health. Many international plans include access to mental health services to assuage this eventuality.

    Plans also can cover pre-existing conditions. Ask your insurance provider about this important aspect of care.

    Global health insurance can also help you maintain your health in Thailand and other places by covering you for out-patient and wellness modules before more serious complications rear their ugly head.

    Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

    Finally insurance gives an all important protection and peace of mind.

    So vital when moving abroad with all the stresses and new experiences that entails. 

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