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Application Form Payment Form Claims Form Change Request Form My Aetna Manual
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Opal plan (F-MK-03E) 2,457.58 KB 2,365.76 KB
Extra Care (F-CM-13E) 710.55 KB 476.06 KB
Personal Care (F-CM-13E) 710.55 KB 476.06 KB
Platinum Plan (F-CM-13E) 710.55 KB 476.06 KB
Sunshine Plan (F-CM-13E) 710.55 KB 476.06 KB
Travel Insurance (F-AT-05) 676.19 KB 447.09 KB
The documents are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please click download.
Member enquiries
Aetna Call Center Call us on 0 2232 8666
24 hours daily, Our customer service officers are please to help you.
Email enquiry
we will respond to you before day-end or next working day the latest.

Customer care
How to make claim
Subscription payment
Find hospital and clinic in network
Form & information download
Claim form
Consent form
Physician Attending Report (F-CL-16)
OPD Form (F-CL-09)
Pre-Arrangement Form (F-CA-05)
Admission form( F-CA-01E)
Claim Reimbursement (F-FA-18)