Long Stay Visa compliant plans

    Long Stay Visa compliant plans

    Long Stay Visa
    Health Insurance Plans

    Visa-compliant plans that meet the minimum requirement
    of medical treatment, including COVID-19, up to THB 3m


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    Inpatient cover of up to THB 3m per disability


    Optional outpatient treatment (OPD) cover


    Extensive medical network of over 490 hospitals and clinics nationwide

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    vHealth telemedicine consultations with free nationwide prescription delivery*

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    27/4 bilingual member support

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    Can be purchased independently, not bundled with life insurance

    *vHealth Telemedicine Service is provided by Aetna Services (Thailand) Limited.

    Please see plan documents for full details of coverage. Before purchasing a plan, you should consider the terms and conditions of the plan carefully.


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