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Because your employees are your biggest asset and the company’s success depends largely on them, protecting your employee’s health as well as safeguarding your financial health makes sound commercial sense. You want your employees to have fast and easy access to the best medical treatment available. As an employer, you need to ensure minimum disruption should a member of your staff become ill as well as maximize peace of mind for your employees and their families. With this Group Health Insurance Plan, you could manage your financial budgeting easily.

“Employee, We Care” offers 7 customized plans to match your unique preferences. All our plans provide 24/7 world-wide coverage. Besides, Aetna provides a variety of optional benefit to choose such as Major Medical, Outpatient Treatment, Dental treatment, Maternity Benefit and Additional Personal Accident Insurance.

Table of benefits
Basic benefits Optional benefit Remark Exclusions
Basic benefits Show all   
Inpatient Hospitalization Benefits per Disability* Show   
Room and Board including Fees for Nursing Services Show   
Hospital General Expenses Show   
Surgical Treatment Show   
Physician's Hospital visit fee Show   
Personal Accident Insurance Show   
HB Incentive*** Show   
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