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1. Will this change affect the service standard our corporate receive? Show   
2. Who should I contact for further enquiries? Show   
3. I’m renewing my contract with you right now. Does this announcement change anything? Show   
4. If you change the company name or brand, will I need to sign a new contract? Show   
5. Will you maintain my lifetime guaranteed renewal? Show   
6. Will there be a period for me to decide to cancel or withdraw my policy? Show   
7. Will I be able to see the same doctor? Show   
8. Will I still be able to access the same network of clinics and hospitals? Show   
9. Will the premium level or benefit terms be changed in Bupa products? Show   
10. Will Aetna re-underwrite existing Bupa customers? Show   
11. Will I be able to maintain my existing levels of benefits and coverage? Show   
12. Will I need to renew my insurance contract with the new company? Show   
13. Will this change affect the service standard customers will receive? Show   
14. Will the company brand name be changed? Show   
15. Will Bupa still have a role in the company? Show   
16. What has happened? Show   
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