How to claim?

Claim for sickness or injury

 In this case the covered person or their representative must submit the following documents to Company within 30 days as from the date of the physician’s opinion at their own expenses :

  • 1. Completed claim form.
  • 2.Medical certificate signed by the treatment doctor stating the symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment given.
  • 3. Receipt and invoice showing the itemized medical expenses.
  • 4. Copy of passport and the covered person’s ticket
  • 5. Other evidence required by company as necessary (if any)

 The amount paid according to the welfare of state or other agencies for claiming the shortfall from the Company.

Please submit document to:

Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) PLC., (Claim assessment unit)

98 Sathorn Square Office Tower 14th-15th Floor, North Sathorn Road,

Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Contact us for more information:

Tel: 0 2232 8666
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